One of the prevailing desired outcomes of any divorce is to make it quick and painless; to enable both parties to walk away satisfied with the result, with feelings hurt as little as possible.  However, if you have ever been through a divorce, you know that is unfortunately rarely the case.  There are a lot of emotions tied up in this process and it is difficult to accept that one may have to compromise on things they feel they don't want to, or feel they shouldn't have to.  That is why we say we want our clients to be "satisfied" with the results.  Rarely is someone "happy" with the results of a divorce.  The very nature of the proceeding lends to emotional turmoil and economic hardship.  Neither party is going to be genuinely "happy."  At Kearney Law Office we work to ensure that our clients feel they are represented aggressively, and that in the end, they got a fair and equitable result. Divorces can take two routes to finalization: either the parties agree and settle all matters pertaining to the divorce, or they take a more costly road and litigate the issues. 

Collaborative Divorce

Contested Divorce

Whether collaborative or contested,the attorneys at Kearney Law Office will ensure thatall facets of your divorce process are properly  and timely addressed. Our attorneys will guide you from the start,from thefiling of the proper pleadings with the court, through important elements like discovery that can make or break your case, and ultimately, trial, if necessary.Our attorneys excel at these fundamentals and will work in tandem with you to protect your interests and achieve a successful outcome.

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