Child Protective Issues

DCFS Matters

Child abuse and/or neglect are probably the most serious matters that come into play in divorce and/or custody proceedings.  If you believe that your child or children are being abused or neglected by your spouse, partner, or their guardian, you should notify your attorney immediately.  The Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) is mandated to investigate any allegations of abuse and/or neglect and will make a determination of whether the allegations are legitimate.  Kearney Law Office will work with you and act as liaison with DCFS to ensure that any investigation into abuse or neglect is taken seriously, and, if appropriate, will coordinate with law enforcement to appropriately address the situation.

False Accusations

Unfortunately, abuse and/or neglect allegations are sometimes fabricated by a malicious parent against an innocent party in a divorce or custody proceeding to get the upper hand.  If you are the subject of a DCFS investigation, you should contact an attorney immediately.  Kearney Law Office has extensive experience representing clients accused of abuse and/or neglect and has successfully defended many clients against accusations that threatened to irreparably damage their relationship with their children.

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